Not for the pretty pictures…

Don’t read this post for pretty pictures, or for perfectly arranged food on a plate just to wet your appetite. Read it to remember that food is an essential part of our life, our culture, our well-being and what makes family come together at least once a day. Read it because some parts of the… Read On

Eggplant Casserole

I was one of those people who thought that I could never read books on screens. I thought that I could never give up the feel and smell of the ink and paper, the way I hold the books in my hand, wore out the pages, highlight the paragraphs. Then I had to pack all… Read On

Salt Your Soul…

Sometimes you just need to cut the ties to the land and set sail. The air becomes stuffy at the office, the “have-to-do” list grows a mile long at home. You become consumed by all things big and small, and feel the need to “just go”. To go to a world where the currents, wind… Read On

Sunday Roast

On this cold Sunday, I have been thinking about something warming.  Not only thinking, also wishing that it would just materialize in front of me without any effort on my part. Just like it happened last year when I visited my friends Barış and Gökçe in Brighton, UK. Sunday roast is, well, a Sunday thing… Read On

Spanish Comforter

That is Patatas A la Importancia. You won’t find it in the dictionaries. But in mine, that is what it equals to. It envelopes you like a familiar comforter on a cold, winter night. When in Salamanca, we were regulars at a small vegetarian cafe called Cafe Atelier. They had good food and minimalist decor… Read On

This old heart

Sultanahmet and Eminonu area is the old heart of Istanbul that has not stopped beating for thousands of years. When I am walking down the streets in this part , it overwhelms me just to think how old this center is and how many souls have walked the same steps, haggled while shopping, saw the political climate… Read On