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Kofte – A personal matter of love and hate…

Kofte, also known as Turkish meatballs around here, always makes it to the top ten list of every Turkish person, when they are asked to list typical dishes from our cuisine. For me though, that decision is revisited time to time. Depending on how well kofte is treating me. My first bad memory with it… Read On

Raspberry Crumb Cake

This coffee cake was one of the first recipes I tried from the Ultimate Southern Living Cookbook that my mother-in-law gave me several years ago as a Christmas gift. In no time, the book became the most heavily used cookbook in our household. I like this cake best right out of the oven when it… Read On

Potatoes with basic vinegarette

One of the countless times that I had to take a side dish to a dinner party, I needed a quick, easy, and goes-with-everything type of dish. I had a bag of gourmet potatoes (which, by the way, I bought solely for the fact that it had purple potatoes in it—interesting!). I used a simple… Read On

Happy Birthday Karen!
Yours always,
Beef Bourguignon

I met Karen on Facebook last year. I believe she was searching for extensions of the McAliley family on FB. Even after she found out that I was a McAliley only by marriage, she hid her disappointment well and added me as a friend. This gave me a chance to meet someone who used to… Read On