Monthly Archives: August 2010

Stuffed Bread Rolls… perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner and stress relief!

It was a tough week last week… mostly at work, since lately I am consumed by it. The house is in full disorder, the doggy needs grooming, I need to be paying bills and making arrangements for an upcoming vacation (SOO ready for it!). And I have one of those magical things that some people… Read On

I say tomAto you say tomAHto!

Before you call the whole thing off, go to the farmer’s market first! There is an exciting world of tomatoes lately!  Heirloom ones, green ones, big juicy red ones, little itty bitty orange ones… The price is the best part of it. You don’t have to pay that hefty $3 per pound at the grocery… Read On

An Emine Classic – Manti! (Take One)

Right now, my neck, my arms and my shoulders hurt due to the heavy use of rolling pin all afternoon… When I get up tomorrow morning, I will probably feel my leg muscles hurting as well. Or lower back… who knows??!! I am not too worried though, it will pass soon ( I hope my… Read On

Do leeks really serve a purpose in this life?

This question can actually be asked for a lot of things… like yappy dogs, mosquitoes, bungee jumping, squirrels, tv shows like The Bachelorette and Fear Factor, and certain favorite (!) Southern insects that  I will not dare to mention on a food blog. It might sound unfair to pose this question for a vegetable which… Read On

My Nutty Nutella Craziness – Long Live Ferrero!

This past Sunday morning, when I woke up around 7 am with a restless feeling… I knew I was supposed to be doing something other than laying in the bed! I had been thinking/dreaming—well, obsessing—about my three big Nutella jars in the pantry (750 grams each, nearly 5 lbs in my stockpile) and Nigella Lawson’s… Read On

Cullama Borek (Filo dough stuffed with rice and chicken) – Take One

This dish has been THE Borek on the menu when lots of people come over for dinner or tea to my grandma’s house. It definitely can be eaten as a main course, as it has all you can ask for from a dish. I don’t think anybody else in my immediate family makes this  since… Read On