Monthly Archives: April 2011

Mighty Good Lean Dough

In November, I had a great opportunity to take a bread class from the bread master, Peter Reinhart at Johnson & Wales University. You might have read his challah recipe in my post. This bread was the only regular bread (read: not sweet) we made that day and made the class worthwhile for me! Since… Read On

Another Saturday at Davidson Farmer’s Market…

We had a pretty successful day at the Farmer’s Market this Saturday.  Brisket, bbq and ribs went by the pounds! A sandwich was not enough for some, they wanted me to pile brisket and ribs on top of  the bbq, and they did not even bother with buns or coleslaw! It was a chilly but… Read On

Grits Casserole… Or How I Learned to be a Southerner in 12 Steps

When you grow up eating a particular food, of course it doesn’t taste, look, or seem weird to you at all, right? But if you are like me, when you first try a dish that you are not so certain about, there is always that thought, “Gosh, not sure if I am going to like… Read On

BBQ, Ribs and a Speedy Start for Farmer’s Market Season…

When the weather warms up and spring rolls around, many of us make it a habit to hit the farmer’s markets on Saturday mornings. A feel-good (and feel-healthy) experience comes with filling up our bags with seasonal vegetables, all natural or organic meat, dairy products, flowers, plants and herbs – all grown and produced by… Read On

Simit… The most craved food of all…

There is always one certain food for everyone that means the world to them. You know, one food that combines a host of your memories into one simple bite. And just the sight of one picture, or the memory of how it smells, or of how or with whom you used to eat it opens… Read On