Monthly Archives: May 2011

Kapuska…When life hands you cabbage…

Or more like when your CSA hands you three heads of cabbage three weeks in a row!  What would you do? I admit that hurrying to sign up for a CSA share two days before they started delivering the spring-summer produce prevented me from making some pros-cons analysis. It did not occur to me that… Read On

Had A Blast! BlogHer Food Conference in Atlanta…

I have to admit that sometimes blogging can be boring. At least for me… when I am trapped in between my oven and cutting board, or on my bed writing away the recipes and stories, I feel like I am on an island. Hi, anyone there reading the posts? For those of you who do… Read On

Better Than {WHAT?!?} Cake! Guest Post by Jennifer from Scissors&Spatulas

You know that you are in very good hands when the family is there to help you out whenever they can no matter how crazy their schedule is!  I have been wanting Jennifer to do a guest post here for a while and this week turned out to be perfect for this. She agreed to… Read On

A Slice of Chocolate Tart… Featuring Tarte Du Jour…

Almost 10 months ago, I started this food blog with an intention of learning my grandma’s recipes, trying different recipes from my cookbook collection and venturing into the areas I had not been before. I figured, to keep things interesting and exciting, that I always needed a challenge so that a hobby like this does… Read On

Lavash Crackers

The past week was one of those busy weeks. We had our Water For People 5K Run on Saturday. Fortunately I was not running, I was in the event planning group. But let me tell you, organizing a 5K is a whole lot harder than running one! I think I will put on my running… Read On

No Butter Apple Cake

I have mentioned in other posts that in the old days of my childhood, my mom and grandma had get-togethers with their friends on a weekly or biweekly basis. They used to take turns to host the afternoon tea parties, and every host used to create a feast mostly based on high-calorie dishes. When the… Read On