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Sometimes Easy Does It! Lentil-Bulgur Pilaf and Ayran…

I have a feeling that you will understand me very well here… For the past 48 hours, a persistent, nasty headache has been drilling through my head, my neck and my eyes. When the headache comes so strong, it normally brings his best friend over as well: Nausea… I have not been well enough to… Read On

Ricotta Scones (Lorlu Kurabiye)

If you are looking for a cheese that has a “recycled” tone to it, then you need get your hands on the cheese called “lor” in Turkey. The water leftover from cheese making is coagulated to make this cheese. The best lor is said to be made of the leftover water from cheddar process. This… Read On

Around the World In Defense of Chickpeas!

Had a very interesting lunch today. Interesting thing was not the food at all. I ordered falafels  over a green salad with tahini dressing. Very simple, right? This is something I love eating when we are at a Middle Eastern restaurant. But where I had this lunch was a place famous with its burgers, Pinky… Read On

Cold Eggplant Dish (Imambayildi…or Imam Fainted) and Giveaway!

Once upon a time,I went on a diet. So conscious about my weight, hips,and thighs, I decided that I was going to shed those extra pounds from my 5’4″ and almost 125 pounds figure. Sometimes, I have hard time to let things go and the weight loss adventure became one of them.  It got out… Read On

Curdled Milk Cheese (Ҫӧkelek)

“Age is something that does not matter, unless you are a cheese.” – Billie Burke While we were on our way back from a much needed break over the long weekend, I was flipping through the pages of The Turkish Cookbook to keep my mind occupied so that I could ignore  how hot it was… Read On

This Turkish Girl….and This American Burger…

A year ago in July, I started this food blog with the intention of learning the recipes from my family whether they come from the Turkish side or the Southern side. I wanted to make and share what they meant for me above and beyond the taste. As much as the nostalgia associated with the… Read On