Monthly Archives: October 2011

Nutella Babka

Last year, I took Peter Reinhart’s  4-hour bread course at Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte. I came home with lots of goodies that day. There were several different classes going at the same time and the bread class attendees were the only ones that were allowed to take their baked and unbaked dough with… Read On

Chickpea Salad with Cumin Vinaigrette

I might be really naive person to believe in this, but I will say and repeat my belief many times: If we spend time to learn each other’s cultures, traditions, “why” and “how” they celebrate this day or that week and also make an effort to explain ours, this world would be a much better,… Read On

Shaken Earth, Lives, and Emotions…

I was getting ready to post here yet another recipe when I heard the news about the big earthquake in the eastern part of  Turkey. As soon as I landed in Omaha on Sunday for an internal conference, I turned on my cell phone and the first text message that popped up on my phone… Read On

Embrace Your Roots… A Turkish Celeriac Dish

Long long time ago, when I spent my first winter here in the U.S., the trips to the grocery stores were somewhere between surprising and nervous breakdown. I was seeing some of the vegetables for the first time in my life (bok choys, anyone!) and also I was not seeing some vegetables that I had… Read On

Earl Grey Tea Cake

You should know one thing about the Turks: We are crazy for tea, or what we call “çay”! Turkey’s Black Sea region has one of the high tea production capacities in the world and we are in the top list of the nations which consume most tea per capita. We love coffee, and enjoy Turkish… Read On

Cheese Puffs or Fancier: Gougeres…

Time seems to pass by really quickly lately. We are almost mid-way through October and my second Secret Recipe Club reveal is here! The Secret Recipe Club, started by Amanda, assigns a blogger’s site to everyone  in the group. We pick one of their recipes to make and post on our site on the reveal… Read On