Monthly Archives: December 2011

What marks the beginning of the winter…

is a robust fire… A fire with yellow-blue flames, cracking sounds and the warmth filling the room. And also maybe a little smoke smell. We still have not excelled in making a perfect fire in our little fire place but are very stubborn. So we try every year no matter how much we are covered… Read On

All Things Borek…

Last week, when I posted the recipe for lamb pockets and called it “borek”, Lana from Bibberche raised the question of what makes a pastry borek and mentioned their borek in Serbia. So I wanted to go ahead and share a little bit more about borek as well as a recipe with you this weekend…. Read On

A Difficult Goodbye and Dealing With it… Lamb Pockets (Talaş Bӧreği)

Some people integrate into your life very easily. Starts with a laid back dinner and a silly movie. Gradually you get to know each other, touching some topics lightly to learn your way around them. Then you go to the concerts, have picnics together,  you don’t even notice that they have become as close as… Read On

Smoky Sharp Vinaigrette with Guajillo Chile

When it comes to salad dressings, I am a dedicated extra virgin olive oil-lemon/red wine vinegar girl. We don’t normally have those heavy, creamy thick salad dressings at home unless there are chicken wings or cut-up vegetables as appetizers. I am also the type that stays away from the dark red chiles at Compare Supermarket… Read On

Getting my liver back on track… Fava Beans with Artichoke

You know the things your grandmother/mother would tell you to do, eat or drink because they are supposed to be good for you! And you would either shrug or believe it, knowing that you had no option but to eat it anyway once it was put in front of you. Well… this dish that combines… Read On