Monthly Archives: May 2012

Summer with Friends…

Time definitely has a way of getting away from me lately. April and May have been a non-stop race. I am looking forward to the summer days. I am planning to tackle several things I have not done before like Ciabatta, jams and pickling. I want to revisit my favorites and tweak them with new… Read On

Spinach with Extra Virgin Olive oil (Zeytinyağlı Ispanak)

When fresh spinach meets hot summer weather, there is only one way for us to make this dark green leaves and one way to eat: Cooked it with some extra virgin olive oil and just a little bit of rice, eaten with  big dollop of thick, cold yogurt on top. This is one of the… Read On

A piece of soul as a souvenir…

Have been thinking about why I get the itch to travel so badly time to time. That itch makes me so restless that I start counting not the days but hours of vacation I earn with every single week of work. I make plans, budgets, to-do lists.I doodle names, trees, waves on every piece of… Read On