Monthly Archives: July 2012

Dipping Feet in Water…

I don’t know who, but someone forgot to tell me that summers while you are working at a real job as an adult are nothing like summers when you were a kid! I somehow thought that the summer was going to be slower, carefree, easy going blah blah blah. Well it has not been… except… Read On

Cold Gullac in the Midst of Hot Summer

As the summer gets hotter each and every day, we try to adjust to the temperatures: eat lighter, drink cooler, shed some layers, invest in good quality sun glasses and search for refrigerated dessert recipes. As I was strolling through the aisles of Halal Market the other day, loading up on my regular Turkish items… Read On

Machine without an “ON” Button

On lazy weekend mornings where we, the kids, wanted to watch Disney movies without taking our eyes off theĀ  TV even for a second, summoning us for breakfast around the table was a difficult task for my mom or my grandma. Either, the table had to be set at the formal dining table instead of… Read On

The Deal with the Okra

Growing up, there were only three dishes I would not come close to even trying: Okra, eggplants, and Tarhana soup. I don’t have any stories to back up my dislike for the soup, but okra and eggplant had weird texture for me. When cooked, that slimy and soft texture made me want to gag and… Read On