Monthly Archives: August 2012

Much Needed Lamb Kebab…

Last week, we realized that we have been enjoying lots of red meat dishes and it is affecting our health a tad bit. So we wowed to weave more fish, vegetables, grains and legumes into our daily diet. I know it will be better for my health but I have hard time giving up the… Read On

Another Turkish Scone Recipe from Emine (Koparma Kurabiye)

If you are a bit familiar with Turkish pastries that we make for tea time in Turkey, you might realize that when something is called “kurabiye” and translated as “cookie”, it does not necessarily mean your typical chocolate chip cookie. Kurabiye recipes normally have a hefty portion of softened butter, sugar, several eggs, and yogurt,… Read On

Update on Summer with Friends…

I made a promise to myself in June to try a recipe from some of my favorite bloggers throughout the summer. After all, if I will not try any of the recipes on my friends’ blogs, why keep leaving comments on their pages saying “Bookmarking this one, definitely!”. I do bookmark them. But I guess… Read On

Tongue and such…

There are many types of people when it comes to meat: The ones who can not bear to touch or the smell when cooking but eat it as long as they are not involved in the process, those who would not touch, smell or eat any meat and the ones who can handle¬† pretty much… Read On

Cold Bean Salad: Piyaz

There is a reason “vacation blues” is a widely used phrase. People actually have it. Mine lasts only a day and that day is normally the day we are returning home: packing bags, rushing to the airport or to the car, making sure we make it on time. Saying goodbye to a beautiful time and… Read On