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Semolina Pudding

Do you know what type of person is the most difficult to be married to for a desserts loving, baking person? The type who does not like sugar! The type who eats one piece of baklava or any sweets with considerable sugar content and starts complaining “I just can not eat these too sweet stuff,… Read On

Diverse Tables… and Albanian Liver

Growing at large landscapes, one of the strengths of the Ottoman Empire in that period, was their inclusive and tolerant approach to the people from the other nations and religions that they have conquered. Many nations that were ruled under the Sultan brought many things to the daily life in political means, traditions and…well.. culinary… Read On

Silent Monday For all Those…

Who are up there now…

A must: Olive oil

When I was little, I believed my grandmother had secrets. Before she would bring the salad to the table, she would reach to the dark corner of the cabinet under the kitchen sink and pull out a bottle that contained dark green liquid with a slight yellow hint and no label on it. The bottle… Read On