Monthly Archives: January 2013

Getting Ready with Eggplant Borek

Our trip to Turkey is getting dangerously closer. No, I am not ready and have a lot to do at work and shopping wise…yet on the other hand, I am so ready to get on the plane and just go! I feel like I just need my passport, purse, camera and some warm coat and… Read On

The Perfect Sweet Potato Tart

Every year when Thanksgiving rolls around, I always have ideas about which new dish I should cook for the family dinner. I want to get out of the typical menu box and try something we have never had before. However, I have learned not to mess with it finally. I understand that the whole year… Read On

Kuru fasulye – Pilav… Ultimate Comfort Pair for a Turk…

You know there are some word pairs that when someone says one, you have to say the other. Say “Marco” and see how quickly the next person say “Polo”. “Kuru fasulye-pilav” would be the one for many Turks…We would not be able to resist saying “Pilav” if someone says “Kuru fasulye” . Because if there… Read On