Monthly Archives: April 2013

Tahini Cookies

There are no words to be spoken on a persistently rainy day when only thing you can do is either watch re-runs of something – anything –  curled up on the couch with your dog. Or you can take a break from that, and not only make these cookies, but also try a pistachio-olive oil… Read On

Bulgur patties in tomato garlic sauce

You know someone from Adana is here in Charlotte when this dish shows up at our get-togethers. She is the mom of one of my friends and comes here every year to visit them. When she is here, of course, we have the pleasure to taste variety of regional dishes from Adana. She makes these… Read On

Back when there was no Nutella…

Yes, there was a time when Nutella was not taking over the world by millions of fans. There was a time, when I was a little elementary school kid and had to down a glass of hot milk mixed with honey every morning instead of chocolate spread on a piece of toast for breakfast. Boring!… Read On

The Hue of Henna

If you ever attend a Turkish wedding, you are also in for a nice Turkish style bachelorette night several days before the wedding – what we call “Henna Night”. It is a night filled with dance, food, folkloric songs, tears and, of course, henna. Traditionally, henna night happens a couple days before the wedding, at… Read On