Monthly Archives: July 2013

Fresh Fava Beans

Fresh fava beans come to the tables towards the end of the spring. I made this a while ago, finally getting around to post it. As an olive oil dish, this would be served cold in my home. Sometimes, fresh artichokes would be added to the pot as well. Tossing with a little bit of… Read On

Cold Green Tomato Stew

Summer means lots of fresh ripe tomatoes for me here in South Carolina. I know there are peaches, corn, watermelon and all the other abundance… but tomato takes the priority. I love a juicy, real tasting tomato compared to what we can find during winter (that ones that taste like cardboard!). I do a lot… Read On

Inegol Kofte

Inegol kofte is one of those dishes you will find at a nice small family run restaurant on a road trip or on the menus of large chain kebab restaurants. Wherever it is, I have not had a bad one so far. The name comes from the location it was born. Inegol is a small… Read On