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I love sea and what it has to offer for my dinner. There is a saying in Turkey for people like me but will be lost in translation: “she/he would eat anything from the sea even if it was  her/his dad”. This plant is one of those things. Not exactly out of the sea bottom… Read On

When in Spain…Eat!

Time in Spain was an immersion course in tapas language also. Tapas (or pinchox) culture is definitely not what I am used to. The usual night out to drink for me normally goes something like this: Find a good place that serves tasty mezes (Turkish version of tapas, I guess), sit around a table dotted… Read On

Four feet kitchen

  When your kitchen looks like the one above, you don’t have much choice but to go simple. Especially when your fridge is smaller than your washing machine and the counter space is non-existent! I am not complaining at all: this means simpler, lighter meals at home and more meals enjoyed in the restaurants, tapas… Read On

Lion’s Milk is the Turk’s blood…

Rakı, or lion’s milk as we would like to call it, is considered national drink of Turks. Or at least, by the people who drink it and believe in its place in our culture. It is made with the distillation of grapes and flavored by aniseed. Has a strong liquorish taste and that taste can… Read On

Red Lentil-Bulgur Patties… Mercimekli Kofte

The kitchen is back up again. It feels nice to smell some soup and freshly baked aroma in the house. And after having the “Istanbul blues” for a while, I feel recharged and ready to face the coming spring. Even with its required cleaning and yard work! Ugh! Those two things take a lot out… Read On

International Salad Dabbles in Mayonnaise…

There are some controversial recipes in my family’s repertoire. Same dish sometimes shows up in various forms under different names by just addition or subtraction of one ingredient. The correct name and ingredients are, of course,  always argued, favored one way or another. “American Salad” is one of them: A mixture of green peas ,… Read On