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Diverse Tables… and Albanian Liver

Growing at large landscapes, one of the strengths of the Ottoman Empire in that period, was their inclusive and tolerant approach to the people from the other nations and religions that they have conquered. Many nations that were ruled under the Sultan brought many things to the daily life in political means, traditions and…well.. culinary… Read On

Tongue and such…

There are many types of people when it comes to meat: The ones who can not bear to touch or the smell when cooking but eat it as long as they are not involved in the process, those who would not touch, smell or eat any meat and the ones who can handle  pretty much… Read On

Cold Bean Salad: Piyaz

There is a reason “vacation blues” is a widely used phrase. People actually have it. Mine lasts only a day and that day is normally the day we are returning home: packing bags, rushing to the airport or to the car, making sure we make it on time. Saying goodbye to a beautiful time and… Read On

Spreading on the Summer … Fava Beans

Cooking during summer does not get complicated in this house like the winter feasts: Fire up the grill and slap a fish or skewers loaded with meat on it: (featuring our favorite fish to grill, Pompano) Bring out the cold beer: Have friends bring delicious side dishes: (Anitha’s red quinoa stuffed portabella mushrooms, not pictured:… Read On

Red Lentil Dip

When things get busy, and one thing goes wrong, the other things waiting to happen say “Hey it is perfect timing, let me get out of here and make life more miserable for her”.  This condition is known as Murphy’s Law, or “bad things come in triples” or “when life hands you lemons”. Whatever it… Read On

Roasted Red Pepper Dip: Muhammara

I remember my first trip to a grocery store in the US: amazed with the variety and very confused about the size of the products…  I have to say it was a very memorable experience for me. I always like going to the grocery stores that I am not familiar with, especially in different countries…. Read On