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The power of sun

The end of summer. Kilos and kilos of fruit and vegetables on the table, in the trays, in the freezer. My family boils, blanches, neatly packages and preserves the produce every week during summers. There is always one thing that is on sale every weekend, so it is just normal to peel ten kilos of… Read On

Four feet kitchen

  When your kitchen looks like the one above, you don’t have much choice but to go simple. Especially when your fridge is smaller than your washing machine and the counter space is non-existent! I am not complaining at all: this means simpler, lighter meals at home and more meals enjoyed in the restaurants, tapas… Read On

Green Chard Fritter

I used to think zucchini fritters was the only recipe that we fry the little pancake versions of shredded vegetable and enjoy with a dollop of garlicky yogurt sauce on top. Then I saw this recipe in Tugrul Savkay’s book on regional Turkish dishes and decided to try it. Actually¬† the rice in the recipe… Read On

Student Life

It feels nice to be back into the student life for a while. I know I can not take it for long but for a limited time, I am enjoying the rush of paper writing, studying for an exam, learning again until my brain hurts, walking around the house yelling “Where did my Rotring go?”…. Read On

Daily Duty

First and foremost duty of the kids in Turkey to bring home the bread. Literally. Along with the daily newspaper. This duty is especially important on the weekends. The weekdays used to go by with the hectic work and school schedule, parents used to read their newspaper when they got to work or on the… Read On

Back when there was no Nutella…

Yes, there was a time when Nutella was not taking over the world by millions of fans. There was a time, when I was a little elementary school kid and had to down a glass of hot milk mixed with honey every morning instead of chocolate spread on a piece of toast for breakfast. Boring!… Read On