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Getting Ready with Eggplant Borek

Our trip to Turkey is getting dangerously closer. No, I am not ready and have a lot to do at work and shopping wise…yet on the other hand, I am so ready to get on the plane and just go! I feel like I just need my passport, purse, camera and some warm coat and… Read On

Spinach Rolled Up Borek

This coming Saturday (October 27th), we will have our 3rd Annual Turkish Festival of Charlotte! It is exciting to see the residents of Charlotte pouring in to eat Turkish food, watch the folkloric dances and learn about our culture. I will be doing some cooking demonstrations for half an hour or so. I thought for… Read On

A breakfast classic…

Breakfast on weekends in our household was as traditional as you could get with Turkish breakfast. We took our time to set the table, steep our tea, made sure all kinds of marmalade were dished out in little pretty bowls.Besides cheese, olives, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet peppers, there was always sujuk (sucuk) with eggs…. Read On

Another Turkish Scone Recipe from Emine (Koparma Kurabiye)

If you are a bit familiar with Turkish pastries that we make for tea time in Turkey, you might realize that when something is called “kurabiye” and translated as “cookie”, it does not necessarily mean your typical chocolate chip cookie. Kurabiye recipes normally have a hefty portion of softened butter, sugar, several eggs, and yogurt,… Read On

Machine without an “ON” Button

On lazy weekend mornings where we, the kids, wanted to watch Disney movies without taking our eyes off the  TV even for a second, summoning us for breakfast around the table was a difficult task for my mom or my grandma. Either, the table had to be set at the formal dining table instead of… Read On

“Neither here nor there” taste of life

One comes to crossroads many times in life and makes decisions. As soon as you step towards one direction, that becomes a defining moment.  It is true for our attitude and approach to life as well. Something small, even negligible in some circumstances, lifts up a curtain that had been over your heart and you… Read On