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The power of sun

The end of summer. Kilos and kilos of fruit and vegetables on the table, in the trays, in the freezer. My family boils, blanches, neatly packages and preserves the produce every week during summers. There is always one thing that is on sale every weekend, so it is just normal to peel ten kilos of… Read On

Milky Pumpkin Bake

My grandmother is from a little place called Kemalpaşa in the city of Bursa. She has only several family members left there and one of them, used to make this for us when we went there for short visits in summer. As a kid, I thought they had a huge garden and huge pumpkins and… Read On

Tahini Cookies

There are no words to be spoken on a persistently rainy day when only thing you can do is either watch re-runs of something – anything –  curled up on the couch with your dog. Or you can take a break from that, and not only make these cookies, but also try a pistachio-olive oil… Read On

Semolina Pudding

Do you know what type of person is the most difficult to be married to for a desserts loving, baking person? The type who does not like sugar! The type who eats one piece of baklava or any sweets with considerable sugar content and starts complaining “I just can not eat these too sweet stuff,… Read On

Nutella Tart Love…

A while ago, I attended an auction on Facebook to raise money for a very worthy cause. There were a lot of cookbooks signed by their authors to place our bids on and I bid on several of them at once. Once the auction progressed, I had to choose just one and go for it. … Read On

Apple-y Things…

A couple weeks ago, we went to visit my sister-in-law and her family in Black Mountain. I fall in love with the mountains of NC every single time I visit. Air is crisp and fresh. Winding roads give you a different view each time you turn a corner with a punch of green. Can’t get… Read On