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Another Turkish Scone Recipe from Emine (Koparma Kurabiye)

If you are a bit familiar with Turkish pastries that we make for tea time in Turkey, you might realize that when something is called “kurabiye” and translated as “cookie”, it does not necessarily mean your typical chocolate chip cookie. Kurabiye recipes normally have a hefty portion of softened butter, sugar, several eggs, and yogurt,… Read On

Cold Gullac in the Midst of Hot Summer

As the summer gets hotter each and every day, we try to adjust to the temperatures: eat lighter, drink cooler, shed some layers, invest in good quality sun glasses and search for refrigerated dessert recipes. As I was strolling through the aisles of Halal Market the other day, loading up on my regular Turkish items… Read On

I hate to do this to you…

But I will do it anyway. I will give you the recipe for the simplest Flourless Chocolate Cake. And once you take a bite, the whole world will be alright again! This is Camille Cooper’s recipe. Camille is the sister-in-law of my good friend, Hande and I tasted this cake of hers several times when… Read On

Mosaic Cake and Longing for a Beach Life…

When June rolled around, we used to get excited about leaving Istanbul’s crowded streets behind and spending our long summer vacation at my grandparents’ beach house. I used to pack my bags very heavy and we adjourned to a five hour ferry journey across Marmara Sea which would take us from Istanbul to Bandirma, a… Read On

Getting obsessed with “No Butter” trials… Fig Cake…

Due to being on this healthy kick but not actually making it to the gym at all for the past eight months, I have decided to expand my repertoire of “no butter” cakes to make up for the lost gym time. Since I made the No Butter Apple Cake back in May (and several times… Read On

A Little Sunshine with Lemon Cake

I have been buying lemons every week with the intention of making this cake. I was in the need of a little something that reminds me of summer days. We make a lot of  lemonade during summer but drinking something cold did not suit my winter idea. So I settled on this lemon cake that… Read On