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When in Spain…Eat!

Time in Spain was an immersion course in tapas language also. Tapas (or pinchox) culture is definitely not what I am used to. The usual night out to drink for me normally goes something like this: Find a good place that serves tasty mezes (Turkish version of tapas, I guess), sit around a table dotted… Read On

How do you take your travel?

So many places to see but so little time. That is the complaint of many of us.We see a lot of articles on the travel magazines, newspapers and online, urging us to go to the top 10 or 20 destinations of each continent with a long list of what to see. We want to go… Read On

The Pressure Release Valve of A City

Traveling in European cities will eventually make you realize the Europeans’ love for plazas. You want to visit that church? Then go to this plaza.  You want to see that palace? Oh, you need to find this plaza. You want to kick back and enjoy a cup of coffee, then definitely you need to find… Read On

Without a travel coffee mug…

It is funny how you end up expecting the same things when you visit different places. The lack of what is familiar startles us and we are left wondering “now what to do?”. I have not “lived” in a different country since I moved to the US. Even though I had my biases and also… Read On

Sitting next to Mustafa Kemal…

What do I do when I have ample time and no report to finish, no case study to dissect? I sit down, wrapped up in a blanket and indulge in a 500+ page book written with the smallest font size possible. Day after day even when I know the end of the story. When I… Read On

Lion’s Milk is the Turk’s blood…

Rakı, or lion’s milk as we would like to call it, is considered national drink of Turks. Or at least, by the people who drink it and believe in its place in our culture. It is made with the distillation of grapes and flavored by aniseed. Has a strong liquorish taste and that taste can… Read On