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Not for the pretty pictures…

Don’t read this post for pretty pictures, or for perfectly arranged food on a plate just to wet your appetite. Read it to remember that food is an essential part of our life, our culture, our well-being and what makes family come together at least once a day. Read it because some parts of the… Read On

Tempered Meatball Soup (Sulu Kofte)

Never ending rain… Exceptionally cool weather for August in South Carolina… Getting my light sweater out to go for a walk in the evening…What  is happening here? Well, somehow Weather Gods changed their mind about the summer in SC this year and we are having wonderful temperatures however I am pretty sure farmers are not… Read On

Inegol Kofte

Inegol kofte is one of those dishes you will find at a nice small family run restaurant on a road trip or on the menus of large chain kebab restaurants. Wherever it is, I have not had a bad one so far. The name comes from the location it was born. Inegol is a small… Read On

Kick in a Stew

I was getting ready to make yet another stew last weekend. Lamb on sale… check. Chickpeas, carrots, onion, garlic…check. There is still red pepper paste in the fridge?…check.Diced tomatoes…check. Looked like I was ready to rock the stew. Then a voice in my head said “Hey while you are doing this, you should also start… Read On

Kuru fasulye – Pilav… Ultimate Comfort Pair for a Turk…

You know there are some word pairs that when someone says one, you have to say the other. Say “Marco” and see how quickly the next person say “Polo”. “Kuru fasulye-pilav” would be the one for many Turks…We would not be able to resist saying “Pilav” if someone says “Kuru fasulye” . Because if there… Read On

Diverse Tables… and Albanian Liver

Growing at large landscapes, one of the strengths of the Ottoman Empire in that period, was their inclusive and tolerant approach to the people from the other nations and religions that they have conquered. Many nations that were ruled under the Sultan brought many things to the daily life in political means, traditions and…well.. culinary… Read On