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All hands on deck…

All I could see were the hands of all the women in the house. Making the dough, rolling it out, filling it in, shaping, frying, doing everything at once in that little kitchen and narrow counter.┬áIt is hard to maintain an order sometimes, but as soon as it gets out of control in the kitchen,… Read On

Getting Ready with Eggplant Borek

Our trip to Turkey is getting dangerously closer. No, I am not ready and have a lot to do at work and shopping wise…yet on the other hand, I am so ready to get on the plane and just go! I feel like I just need my passport, purse, camera and some warm coat and… Read On

The Perfect Sweet Potato Tart

Every year when Thanksgiving rolls around, I always have ideas about which new dish I should cook for the family dinner. I want to get out of the typical menu box and try something we have never had before. However, I have learned not to mess with it finally. I understand that the whole year… Read On

Cigarette Borek…

These long, thin boreks, called cigarette boreks, are made frequently in Turkish households (at least in my household, that was the case) or served at the restaurants as hot appetizers.I have learned that there has been a movement to change the name to “pencil” so that the borek is not associated with the smell of… Read On

Pide Trials…

One of the things I like doing when I am back to Istanbul is to go to one of those restaurants where they bake their lahmacun and pide in a brick oven that welcomes you with its heat. I sit and order, then watch the almost automated, harmonious movements of the cook: take the little… Read On

Spinach Rolled Up Borek

This coming Saturday (October 27th), we will have our 3rd Annual Turkish Festival of Charlotte! It is exciting to see the residents of Charlotte pouring in to eat Turkish food, watch the folkloric dances and learn about our culture. I will be doing some cooking demonstrations for half an hour or so. I thought for… Read On