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For those who hid behind the door when…

Kandil nights, only several in a year,  are special nights in Islam religion, marking some specific events related to Prophet Muhammed’s life and Islam in general. During those nights, all mosques are illuminated and become very photogenic. Prayers can be heard from everywhere. They are those nights for the people who feel the religion deeply… Read On

Update on Summer with Friends…

I made a promise to myself in June to try a recipe from some of my favorite bloggers throughout the summer. After all, if I will not try any of the recipes on my friends’ blogs, why keep leaving comments on their pages saying “Bookmarking this one, definitely!”. I do bookmark them. But I guess… Read On

Tahini Bread

It is so nice to be back into the kitchen, making dough, cleaning my house and filling up my fridge. I can not believe I had only cereal and milk for almost ten days in the house! I decided to get a good start in June with this Tahini Bread. We use tahini often in… Read On

“Neither here nor there” taste of life

One comes to crossroads many times in life and makes decisions. As soon as you step towards one direction, that becomes a defining moment.  It is true for our attitude and approach to life as well. Something small, even negligible in some circumstances, lifts up a curtain that had been over your heart and you… Read On

Borek with Tomato Sauce (Domatesli Borek)

I am in need of sunshine, easy meals, quiet nights, and long walks. Yes, I said “sunshine”…not warm weather… It has not been warm at all for the past week, finally going below 50 in this part of the South Carolina and I am loving it. The natives around here do not like it a… Read On

What marks the beginning of the winter…

is a robust fire… A fire with yellow-blue flames, cracking sounds and the warmth filling the room. And also maybe a little smoke smell. We still have not excelled in making a perfect fire in our little fire place but are very stubborn. So we try every year no matter how much we are covered… Read On