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I love sea and what it has to offer for my dinner. There is a saying in Turkey for people like me but will be lost in translation: “she/he would eat anything from the sea even if it was  her/his dad”. This plant is one of those things. Not exactly out of the sea bottom… Read On

International Salad Dabbles in Mayonnaise…

There are some controversial recipes in my family’s repertoire. Same dish sometimes shows up in various forms under different names by just addition or subtraction of one ingredient. The correct name and ingredients are, of course,  always argued, favored one way or another. “American Salad” is one of them: A mixture of green peas ,… Read On

Cold Bean Salad: Piyaz

There is a reason “vacation blues” is a widely used phrase. People actually have it. Mine lasts only a day and that day is normally the day we are returning home: packing bags, rushing to the airport or to the car, making sure we make it on time. Saying goodbye to a beautiful time and… Read On

Cold Rice Salad and Virtual Baby Shower for Shelley

When Shelley, my blogger friend at Franish Nonspeaker, announced that she was expecting a little one, I was very excited for her and also I got into the mood for a  baby shower. This has just become a reflex for me recently. Over the years, I have been so involved with babyshowers and good friends… Read On

Smoky Sharp Vinaigrette with Guajillo Chile

When it comes to salad dressings, I am a dedicated extra virgin olive oil-lemon/red wine vinegar girl. We don’t normally have those heavy, creamy thick salad dressings at home unless there are chicken wings or cut-up vegetables as appetizers. I am also the type that stays away from the dark red chiles at Compare Supermarket… Read On

Chickpea Salad with Cumin Vinaigrette

I might be really naive person to believe in this, but I will say and repeat my belief many times: If we spend time to learn each other’s cultures, traditions, “why” and “how” they celebrate this day or that week and also make an effort to explain ours, this world would be a much better,… Read On