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Eggplant Casserole

I was one of those people who thought that I could never read books on screens. I thought that I could never give up the feel and smell of the ink and paper, the way I hold the books in my hand, wore out the pages, highlight the paragraphs. Then I had to pack all… Read On

Spanish Comforter

That is Patatas A la Importancia. You won’t find it in the dictionaries. But in mine, that is what it equals to. It envelopes you like a familiar comforter on a cold, winter night. When in Salamanca, we were regulars at a small vegetarian cafe called Cafe Atelier. They had good food and minimalist decor… Read On

Milky Pumpkin Bake

My grandmother is from a little place called Kemalpaşa in the city of Bursa. She has only several family members left there and one of them, used to make this for us when we went there for short visits in summer. As a kid, I thought they had a huge garden and huge pumpkins and… Read On

Green Chard Fritter

I used to think zucchini fritters was the only recipe that we fry the little pancake versions of shredded vegetable and enjoy with a dollop of garlicky yogurt sauce on top. Then I saw this recipe in Tugrul Savkay’s book on regional Turkish dishes and decided to try it. Actually  the rice in the recipe… Read On

Last of It.

I won’t lie…This summer was just plain tough! There is no other word that can describe it. I can not say that “oh I had so much fun that I did not realize the summer passed by so quickly”. I counted every minute of it! This summer pushed my decision making skills to the boundaries… Read On

The Perfect Sweet Potato Tart

Every year when Thanksgiving rolls around, I always have ideas about which new dish I should cook for the family dinner. I want to get out of the typical menu box and try something we have never had before. However, I have learned not to mess with it finally. I understand that the whole year… Read On