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Kuru fasulye – Pilav… Ultimate Comfort Pair for a Turk…

You know there are some word pairs that when someone says one, you have to say the other. Say “Marco” and see how quickly the next person say “Polo”. “Kuru fasulye-pilav” would be the one for many Turks…We would not be able to resist saying “Pilav” if someone says “Kuru fasulye” . Because if there… Read On

Sometimes, it is the small things…

You might have heard me complaining about not being able to find some vegetables that we use a lot in Turkish cooking here in the US. Small green bell pepper is one of them. I saw the as-big-as-my-head green bell peppers here for the first time. The bell peppers (biber) that grow in Turkey are… Read On

Update on Summer with Friends…

I made a promise to myself in June to try a recipe from some of my favorite bloggers throughout the summer. After all, if I will not try any of the recipes on my friends’ blogs, why keep leaving comments on their pages saying “Bookmarking this one, definitely!”. I do bookmark them. But I guess… Read On

The Deal with the Okra

Growing up, there were only three dishes I would not come close to even trying: Okra, eggplants, and Tarhana soup. I don’t have any stories to back up my dislike for the soup, but okra and eggplant had weird texture for me. When cooked, that slimy and soft texture made me want to gag and… Read On

Just Stuff It

I will let you in on a little secret about Turks:We like to stuff! As soon as we realize that we can dig up a hole in any vegetable, we stuff it. You name the stuffing: rice, bulgur, meat, cheese…mixed or all alone… I have watched my grandma stuffing zucchinis, eggplants, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers,… Read On

Spinach with Extra Virgin Olive oil (Zeytinyağlı Ispanak)

When fresh spinach meets hot summer weather, there is only one way for us to make this dark green leaves and one way to eat: Cooked it with some extra virgin olive oil and just a little bit of rice, eaten with  big dollop of thick, cold yogurt on top. This is one of the… Read On