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Zucchini Bake (Fırın Mücver)

When it comes to zucchini, there are several dishes my family keeps making all summer. We used to go for the time consuming version of this bake in the past but I think we have become wiser over the years. The long version requires you to stand by the stove, drop spoonful of the batter… Read On

Crustless Leek Bake (Borek) and Some Encounters at the Supermarkets

Right before I came to the U.S., I made a copy of every single page of my mom’s recipe book, made a table of contents and put it in my bag. Although there are many redundant recipes in it (there are only so many cake recipes I can try with similar ratios and ingredients!), I… Read On

Workers’ Comp… Creamy Roasted Eggplant with Braised Meat (Hünkar Beğendi)

First, I must apologize for the pictures. I had very high hopes about the pictures that I would present this dish to you with. After all, the name of the dish, which translates as “sultan approved” puts very big expectations on the presentation as well as the taste. Volatility and temper were major personality traits… Read On

Getting my liver back on track… Fava Beans with Artichoke

You know the things your grandmother/mother would tell you to do, eat or drink because they are supposed to be good for you! And you would either shrug or believe it, knowing that you had no option but to eat it anyway once it was put in front of you. Well… this dish that combines… Read On

Hard Work for a Late Sunday Lunch: Wrapped Grape Leaves (Zeytinyağlı Sarma)

One of the greatest things about going to the afternoon get-togethers with my grandma happened to be about food. Of course, the attention I got from the ladies topped my list as well since there was rarely any other kid than me and my brother. These ladies knew (still do) how to cook! The menu… Read On

Sometimes Easy Does It! Lentil-Bulgur Pilaf and Ayran…

I have a feeling that you will understand me very well here… For the past 48 hours, a persistent, nasty headache has been drilling through my head, my neck and my eyes. When the headache comes so strong, it normally brings his best friend over as well: Nausea… I have not been well enough to… Read On