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Yogurt Soup

  Of course when there is snow in the South, you do not leave the house. Not because it is that cold or the roads are closed. It is because people are dangerous. The driving kind. So I stayed in and made soup. Whatelse is there to do? The traditional yogurt soup normally does not have… Read On

Simple Anatolian Soups

When it comes to the soups (or really any dish) from Anatolia, the basic things you will find are simplicity, resourcefulness, and creativity. The dishes are meant to fill you up with the nutrition and if you ever meet an Anatolian woman, you will understand how and why. No flimsy handshake would come from this… Read On

Tempered Meatball Soup (Sulu Kofte)

Never ending rain… Exceptionally cool weather for August in South Carolina… Getting my light sweater out to go for a walk in the evening…What  is happening here? Well, somehow Weather Gods changed their mind about the summer in SC this year and we are having wonderful temperatures however I am pretty sure farmers are not… Read On

Corn Soup from Black Sea Region

Sometimes, all it takes to make it alright with the world: No words but a bowl of hot soup and a slice of crusty bread… Have a wonderful week!   Corn Soup Adapted from The Turkish Cookbook by Sheilah Kaufman and Nur Ilkin Note: The original recipe called for cornmeal but I had corn flour… Read On

Spring Fever and Chilled Yogurt Cucumber Soup (Cacık)

Hi there! I lost myself in conferences, deadlines and laundry piles since we got back from Turkey…. And meanwhile…Hello Spring! When did you get here? Apparently, I not only forgot to cook but also to look out the window to see the blooming trees,  my rosemary’s new offshoots (that plant is still alive after three… Read On

Turkish Wedding Soup

We are back from a week-long family visit in Turkey. The reason for this short visit in the middle of February was to celebrate my little brother’s engagement. There is no need to miss out on the fun just because I am living miles and miles away. Right? In Turkey, when a couple decides to get… Read On