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A Painting Triumph, and Butternut Squash Soup…

I did it! After complaining about and hating our bedroom color for the four years since we moved into this house, I finally painted it with something more calming, refreshing, soothing… Some kind of a blue called “Ozone” in the Behr color family! Choosing a paint color has become a very overwhelming process thanks to… Read On

Brace yourselves for another snow day… with a cup of Red Lentil Soup!

Yes, it’s happening again… In South Carolina, we were warned for a winter storm starting from tonight until Tuesday. Most likely, the schools will be closed, people will prefer to work from home, and the drivers not so keen on driving on the icy roads will have hard time to get to where they are… Read On

Cream of Beet Soup (AKA Pretty Pink Soup)

Beets were never high on my list of veggies to eat. My dad used to cook and eat them, mostly by himself because none of us would want to have anything to do with it for some reason. He enjoyed the beets (either pickled or sauteed in butter) the best with his Raki. “They make… Read On