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Fresh Fava Beans

Fresh fava beans come to the tables towards the end of the spring. I made this a while ago, finally getting around to post it. As an olive oil dish, this would be served cold in my home. Sometimes, fresh artichokes would be added to the pot as well. Tossing with a little bit of… Read On

Cold Green Tomato Stew

Summer means lots of fresh ripe tomatoes for me here in South Carolina. I know there are peaches, corn, watermelon and all the other abundance… but tomato takes the priority. I love a juicy, real tasting tomato compared to what we can find during winter (that ones that taste like cardboard!). I do a lot… Read On

Bulgur patties in tomato garlic sauce

You know someone from Adana is here in Charlotte when this dish shows up at our get-togethers. She is the mom of one of my friends and comes here every year to visit them. When she is here, of course, we have the pleasure to taste variety of regional dishes from Adana. She makes these… Read On

Red Lentil-Bulgur Patties… Mercimekli Kofte

The kitchen is back up again. It feels nice to smell some soup and freshly baked aroma in the house. And after having the “Istanbul blues” for a while, I feel recharged and ready to face the coming spring. Even with its required cleaning and yard work! Ugh! Those two things take a lot out… Read On

A must: Olive oil

When I was little, I believed my grandmother had secrets. Before she would bring the salad to the table, she would reach to the dark corner of the cabinet under the kitchen sink and pull out a bottle that contained dark green liquid with a slight yellow hint and no label on it. The bottle… Read On

Update on Summer with Friends…

I made a promise to myself in June to try a recipe from some of my favorite bloggers throughout the summer. After all, if I will not try any of the recipes on my friends’ blogs, why keep leaving comments on their pages saying “Bookmarking this one, definitely!”. I do bookmark them. But I guess… Read On