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Cold Bean Salad: Piyaz

There is a reason “vacation blues” is a widely used phrase. People actually have it. Mine lasts only a day and that day is normally the day we are returning home: packing bags, rushing to the airport or to the car, making sure we make it on time. Saying goodbye to a beautiful time and… Read On

Cold Rice Salad and Virtual Baby Shower for Shelley

When Shelley, my blogger friend at Franish Nonspeaker, announced that she was expecting a little one, I was very excited for her and also I got into the mood for a  baby shower. This has just become a reflex for me recently. Over the years, I have been so involved with babyshowers and good friends… Read On

Spreading on the Summer … Fava Beans

Cooking during summer does not get complicated in this house like the winter feasts: Fire up the grill and slap a fish or skewers loaded with meat on it: (featuring our favorite fish to grill, Pompano) Bring out the cold beer: Have friends bring delicious side dishes: (Anitha’s red quinoa stuffed portabella mushrooms, not pictured:… Read On

Spinach with Extra Virgin Olive oil (Zeytinyağlı Ispanak)

When fresh spinach meets hot summer weather, there is only one way for us to make this dark green leaves and one way to eat: Cooked it with some extra virgin olive oil and just a little bit of rice, eaten with  big dollop of thick, cold yogurt on top. This is one of the… Read On

Cranberry Bean Dish – Barbunya

When summer rolls in, my cooking habits gear towards lighter cooking with olive oil only. This is one of my favorites in Turkish cuisine which can turn any vegetable or legume into a hearty but light fare. We have a category in Turkish cuisine just for these vegetarian dishes cooked in olive oil and served… Read On

Zucchini Bake (Fırın Mücver)

When it comes to zucchini, there are several dishes my family keeps making all summer. We used to go for the time consuming version of this bake in the past but I think we have become wiser over the years. The long version requires you to stand by the stove, drop spoonful of the batter… Read On