Simple Anatolian Soups

When it comes to the soups (or really any dish) from Anatolia, the basic things you will find are simplicity, resourcefulness, and creativity. The dishes are meant to fill you up with the nutrition and if you ever meet an Anatolian woman, you will understand how and why. No flimsy handshake would come from this… Read On

Student Life

It feels nice to be back into the student life for a while. I know I can not take it for long but for a limited time, I am enjoying the rush of paper writing, studying for an exam, learning again until my brain hurts, walking around the house yelling “Where did my Rotring go?”…. Read On

I will be back, San Fran…

I am not sure what makes me want to go back (even move) to San Francisco? It could be because people are so nice, they offer you cookies (medicated ones at that) in a public park within five feet of a cop? (no, we did not take it if you were wondering.) Or could be… Read On

Moving on

Dipping my hands in flour felt like dipping my toes in soft sands on a beach after a very long winter. When I was a kid, I could barely wait to take my shoes off and sink my feet in sand when we finally got to the summer house in Bandirma every June. Feeling the… Read On

Last of It.

I won’t lie…This summer was just plain tough! There is no other word that can describe it. I can not say that “oh I had so much fun that I did not realize the summer passed by so quickly”. I counted every minute of it! This summer pushed my decision making skills to the boundaries… Read On

Tempered Meatball Soup (Sulu Kofte)

Never ending rain… Exceptionally cool weather for August in South Carolina… Getting my light sweater out to go for a walk in the evening…What  is happening here? Well, somehow Weather Gods changed their mind about the summer in SC this year and we are having wonderful temperatures however I am pretty sure farmers are not… Read On